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Help me out?

Hello all! My name's Christian, I'm pretty much a complete newbie to making plushies. I did make one plushie about a year ago, a little frog sorta thing that I cobbled together because our couch was coming apart and stuffing was going everywhere so...being the helpful person I am...I pulled some out and made a plushie ;D it's since been lost somewhere or another, but now that I have more time, I'd really like to get into plushie making properly.

I know the most basic things about sewing and plushie-making...that is...I know that you stitch most of it with the 'wrong side' of the fabric out, and then turn it inside-out to stuff and finish; and I generally know how to handle a needle. But I need some tips! My google-fu is failing me, so I was hoping you kind people could help me out with the following:

1. I keep hearing about various kinds of stitches - ladder, blanket, etc; does anybody have a link to diagrams of some of these basic stitches? As long as I can see what they look like, I'm sure I'll be able to learn them on my own, but I need to, well, see what they look like xD;

2. I would also love some links to some basic plush patterns that would be good for a newbie like me to start out on. I want to start making my own plushes eventually, but I think I'd like to start out with patterns! The cuter, the better~

3. Does anybody have any recommendations on what kind of fabric, thread, stuffing, etc. I should start out with? If I don't get any suggestions I'm just gonna end up grabbing whatever feels nicest/is cheapest.

Any help would be much, much appreciated =)

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