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I finished him a few months ago ^_^

Completed 08/13/09

slayers. plush,zelgadiss

Links to the step-by-step proccess
WIP part I
WIP part II
WIP part III

slayers. plush,zelgadiss

slayers. plush,zelgadiss

slayers. plush,zelgadiss

slayers. plush,zelgadiss,zelgadiss

Fun Pictures!
slayers. plush,zelgadiss
Zel sitting with reference book

slayers. plush,plush
Size comparision with official Lina and Naga plush.

slayers. plush,zelgadiss,xelloss,plush
Zel with Xelloss plush, which was the first plush I ever made almost 7 years ago @_@ (he's made with cheap felt and a little worn out, but I still love him)

slayers. plush,fern,zelgadiss,plush
With one of my more recent plush, my OC Fern the Wood Elf :3

slayers. plush,fern,plush
All together!

I watched a heck of a lot of Slayers while working on him... XD

*Phew!* He took a bit longer than I expected to complete Mostly because I was trying many new techniques and experimentation (like sewing his legs down for it being able to sit better, figuring out the hair, etc.) All and all, I consider this as one of the best plushies I've ever made. I had a lot of fun making him and I look foreward to working on more plushies in the future!
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