LakotaWolf (lakotawolf) wrote in plushie_makers,

Sewing Sushi

Two questions... and they're both a bit odd. XD

First, does anyone have any patterns/instructions on how to sew a rectangle? >_> Yes, literally like a plushie rectangle. XD

My friend is moving to a new home in May and I want to give her a housewarming gift - basically a "sushi plant", which is a fake potted plant with plushie sushi "fruits". But I'm having a devil of a time figuring out how to sew the "fish" portions - which are basically rectangular. (The rice they sit on, too, I guess.)

Secondly - does anyone know of any actual patterns to sew sushi? :/ I'm going to try and fly by the seat of my pants here with the patterns and make some myself, but if anyone knows of any existing patterns or tutorials, that would be ideal.

Thanks :D
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