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Panic at the Disco plushies. [22 Oct 2011|06:52pm]

I made a set of Panic at the Disco plushies dressed in their steampunk finest from their Ballad of Mona Lisa music video.

A lot more pics and rambling at my journal for those interested. ^__^

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Amaimon Plush! [15 Sep 2011|04:07pm]

Click the Thumbnail to catch a better glimpse!


And yes, he's a lot smaller than Rin or Mephisto was. Itty-Bitty little Earth King X3

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Hello Everyone [22 Jul 2010|04:49pm]

SO I'm having a tough time getting this specific shape and have been trying to puzzle it out for a few days I
'm trying to make this exact shape:

could anyone help with a quick pattern?

Thank you!

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Newbie and need help! [13 Jun 2010|03:18pm]

[ mood | scared ]

Hello all! New to the community and indeed to plushie making which is why i really need some help (and support ~_~)
This is probably a stupid thing to be doing as i've never really done this before even though i have done a sewing course... a long time ago!

In need of helpCollapse )

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[22 May 2010|01:18pm]

I'm back with new plushes - I'm now making them using my own patterns! Although I do still like using cute patterns by other people, so if you have any free ones you'd like to recommend go ahead and let me know! :3

I made the pictures a bit smaller this time!Collapse )

I also need some advice! Could any of you more experienced plushmakers help me out? First of all, I'm having a really hard time finding eyes! I finally hunted down some at Joann Fabrics, but they only had two colors and two sizes. I know I can order online, but does anybody know of any stores that might have a wider selection? (I've tried Michael's as well)

Also - I mentioned I used wire for the bulborb's eyestalks. I think I worked it out alright, but the wire really isn't very secure; it twists around a bit. I tried to secure it by making a loop at the bottom and sewing it into the fabric (in retrospect, maybe I should have done this to both ends?). Could anybody give me some tips on using wire? I feel a bit lost here!

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Help me out? [25 Mar 2010|06:43pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Hello all! My name's Christian, I'm pretty much a complete newbie to making plushies. I did make one plushie about a year ago, a little frog sorta thing that I cobbled together because our couch was coming apart and stuffing was going everywhere so...being the helpful person I am...I pulled some out and made a plushie ;D it's since been lost somewhere or another, but now that I have more time, I'd really like to get into plushie making properly.

I need help!Collapse )

Any help would be much, much appreciated =)

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Pattern Up For Sale! [26 Dec 2009|03:22pm]


Click the image to view details!

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I am sorry if you've already seen this everywhere, but... [21 Dec 2009|03:31pm]

Just 'finished' this little guy. I've put over a year into this pattern and I'm getting close to feeling that it's finally DONE. I fixed the joints and gave the face more dimension. I'm really, really happy how it's turned out :) If I were to sell the pattern, would any of you buy it? I'm thinking about US$10-15 for a digital copy of the template itself and instructions. Sound about right? x-posted everywhere
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I finished him a few months ago ^_^

Completed 08/13/09

slayers. plush,zelgadiss

Images of the completed plush under the cut Collapse )
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First post about how I adore squids. [02 Jun 2009|09:35pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

And because I adore squids, I crochet them. <-----This isn't all I do, but it's what I'm posting today. \o/

Without further ado! Squids!Collapse )

And I don't really know about y'all, but I read a lot of crafting books, blogs, and online magazines. My new favorite is Handmade News. It's affiliated with Artfire too!

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[15 May 2009|10:10pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey everyone ^.^ I was pretty bored sitting around drawing and decided to make my fursona into a little plushie thing, expecting it to be a one time idea. I realized making them is really fun! I've only made the one thus far, but am working on another for a friend so i can practice. The whole thing is hand sewn, made from wool felt with little buttons for a nose and eyes X3 I wouldn't mind a lil critique!

Pics (they're kidna big heh)Collapse )

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Canopener of Faith [23 Apr 2009|08:01pm]

I come baring more plushie goodness!

Caution: Image Heavy, Cute OverloadedCollapse )


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Sewing Sushi [28 Jan 2009|04:23pm]

Two questions... and they're both a bit odd. XD

First, does anyone have any patterns/instructions on how to sew a rectangle? >_> Yes, literally like a plushie rectangle. XD

My friend is moving to a new home in May and I want to give her a housewarming gift - basically a "sushi plant", which is a fake potted plant with plushie sushi "fruits". But I'm having a devil of a time figuring out how to sew the "fish" portions - which are basically rectangular. (The rice they sit on, too, I guess.)

Secondly - does anyone know of any actual patterns to sew sushi? :/ I'm going to try and fly by the seat of my pants here with the patterns and make some myself, but if anyone knows of any existing patterns or tutorials, that would be ideal.

Thanks :D
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Goblins and Rockstars.. the world of S.Marie [23 Jan 2009|05:07pm]


I'm Astrid S.Marie Bacavis and I came across this group and fell in love.
I am a full time artist http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5316192 who's inspired by all sorts of things- including all the fantasy films I adored as a child (and still do). I've recently begun to make dolls and soft plushies of my favourite fantasy characters.
I hope you enjoy my creations.
I know I've included a ton of photos so I hope you don't get irritated with me:

Ello! This is Willum the delightful little worm form the "Labyrinth" in plush form.
His face in handpainted as is his body.

Lots and lots of art behind this cutCollapse )
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Newest Creations and Free Pattern [29 Dec 2008|09:25pm]

First, Giriko and Justin
Cut for PhotoCollapse )
Then, pattern: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Q8OXXVL5

Enjoy ^_^
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[30 Nov 2008|01:56pm]


http://community.livejournal.com/fursuitauctions/660016.html#comments looking for a quote for early 09' details in this post!
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Realmailxchange [09 Sep 2008|02:15pm]

if this is not aloud feel free to remove this post :U

Hey if your good in crafts check out RealMailXchange http://community.livejournal.com/realmailxchange We need some new faces thar. It sounds like its gonna be fun. You basicly mail some one somthing for theyre theme and you get somthing in return from some one else. Its pretty easy :3.

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Ehem, first post here [04 Sep 2008|09:44pm]

I made those two little guys yesterday~ Please take a look

Inseparable - Fred and George by ~Erdbeerprinz on deviantART
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Shippuden Naruto! [06 Aug 2008|08:24pm]

He's finally done!

From the JPunk pattern
Pictures!Collapse )
He'll be up in the Otakon Art Show!
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Noob :D [30 Jul 2008|01:37pm]

Come with me on my plushie makeing journy XD Picture heavy. Dial up beware.

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