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Newbie and need help!

Hello all! New to the community and indeed to plushie making which is why i really need some help (and support ~_~)
This is probably a stupid thing to be doing as i've never really done this before even though i have done a sewing course... a long time ago!

Anyway. I am making a plushie to take with me to the London Expo in October. Myself and friends are going as the four main characters in Saiyuki. I'm going as a character called Hakkai and he has a pet dragon, Hakuryu. I set the task for myself to make said dragon only thing is i have no real idea how to go about doing it. I'm not sure how to sew around a metal skeleton as that is basically what he needs as i need him to be posable.

My biggest issue is with the wings. I think i've figured out how i can make his wings fold up (for transport more than anything) but my real sticking point is how to attach the wings on to the body. I'm really worried that they're just going to flop forward and i need them upright. I did consider running wire from the wings into his body but i have no idea how to sew around that. And while i'm at it i have no idea how to attach his legs either.

This is what he looks like...

As you can see he's also pretty big! If anyone can help or give me any other tips about how i should go about this major project i will be eternally grateful!
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This guy might help, if you don't already have a pattern:

The easiest way would be to make the armature with your wire (hold it up to the fabric pieces while you make it so they're the right size) and then sew the pieces around it--you wouldn't be able to turn each piece inside out so your seams will be on the outside). It's kind of a trial and error thing, connecting the wires and sewing as you go along. You would definitely need to attach the wires in the wings to the wires in the body to keep them from flopping. I would put the fabric over the wing armature, and leave a length of wire coming out of each wing to wrap around the body armature before closing up the fabric around the body. Does that make any sense?
That makes sense! I just hope i can do it! Thanks so much for the link! It's not perfect but it certainly gives me something to work from which is more than i had before!

Thank you so much for your help!
Of course! I've made dragons before, but they weren't quite like yours. Best of luck! Make sure to post when you're done :D