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I'm back with new plushes - I'm now making them using my own patterns! Although I do still like using cute patterns by other people, so if you have any free ones you'd like to recommend go ahead and let me know! :3

This is the small blue totoro from the movie My Neighbor Totoro (reference - the blue one standing on the ground). This is my first plush from my own patterns and a lot of it didn't come out like I intended! Also, one of the arms is on upside-down; I'm not sure how I intended to put them on in the first place, so it's up to you which one that is xD;

A pokeball, from Pokemon! (reference) As you can see, it's about the size of a softball. I thought about sewing a round white button in the center of the circle to make the central part of it, but I made it specifically to throw it at people, so I thought it's probably better if there's no buttons on it.

An elephant. Just felt like making one! The body's kind of long, and I'm thinking about re-making it. I got a sunburn making this one because I sat out on the deck and lost track of time.

A duck! I made this for my friend/coworker's one-year-old, who apparently is wild about ducks! Second pic here if you want to see how weird the wings and beak look.

Finally, the one I just finished last night - a Spotted Bulborb from Pikmin! (reference) I feel pretty proud of this one - the shape and proportions came out exactly as I intended, excepting the eyestalks and eyes which are too long and too small respectively, and everything looks clean - no ragged edges like I had going on with the pokeball. I also finally got ahold of some actual plush eyes for this one, instead of using buttons, and I used wire for the eyestalks. Yay new things!

I also need some advice! Could any of you more experienced plushmakers help me out? First of all, I'm having a really hard time finding eyes! I finally hunted down some at Joann Fabrics, but they only had two colors and two sizes. I know I can order online, but does anybody know of any stores that might have a wider selection? (I've tried Michael's as well)

Also - I mentioned I used wire for the bulborb's eyestalks. I think I worked it out alright, but the wire really isn't very secure; it twists around a bit. I tried to secure it by making a loop at the bottom and sewing it into the fabric (in retrospect, maybe I should have done this to both ends?). Could anybody give me some tips on using wire? I feel a bit lost here!

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