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Goblins and Rockstars.. the world of S.Marie

I'm Astrid S.Marie Bacavis and I came across this group and fell in love.
I am a full time artist who's inspired by all sorts of things- including all the fantasy films I adored as a child (and still do). I've recently begun to make dolls and soft plushies of my favourite fantasy characters.
I hope you enjoy my creations.
I know I've included a ton of photos so I hope you don't get irritated with me:

Ello! This is Willum the delightful little worm form the "Labyrinth" in plush form.
His face in handpainted as is his body.

Fierys are total hams!

Sim sala Pim is Cuddly alirhgt.. but watch out or he'll bite!
He was inspired by the Goblin that Jareth turns the snake into at the beginng of the Labyrinth film

This viking hat goblin was made out of vintage muppet fleece and Naugahyde

Here's another variety of Fierys I've made. He's also made from vintage muppet fleece, and adorned with feather boa

Here some plush Ludos (Inspired by the Labyrinth) cuddling with a fiery and my First Luckdragon. I made all these from high quality faux furs. I like to make clay faces for most of my plush dolls.

He's my Fiery gang in Plush form (inspired by the doll seen in the labyrinth film) I make them all from vintage material and vintage yarn. Most of my art supplies are unique and vintage since I get a lot from thriftstores.

Here's a Winking luckdragon I made of super soft faux fur. I was heavily inspire by "The Never Ending Story" movie and book.

One day I was really bored and I came up with this kooky guy. I call him a Zumbat. I used this amazingly soft faux fur that reminds me of a CusCus

I spent several weeks making him but I was so thrilled how my Sir Didymus came out! This was the first time I'd ever tried sewing doll sized clothing.
My Ziggy Stardust doll
He's better looking than Barbie, more vain than Ken, and more complex than skipper...
 His boots and belt are real pleather.
I had painted his face on the material.
He's completely hand sewn. 
laughingluckdragon3.jpg picture by thepsychedelicpurse
And finally... here's my latest Luckdragon. He's super soft and cuddly.
I make a lot of winking and laughing ones now. This particular one is on his way to Italy! I was sad to see him go. 

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