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Noob :D

Come with me on my plushie makeing journy XD Picture heavy. Dial up beware.

So here is the first plushie i ever made: Tobee, the Bumble Bee

I used this super awesome tutorial :3

Isn't he adorable? My friend Catherine and I made, like, a billion of these and gave them away to our teachers ^__^

After Tobee, i found another wonderful patern site, and made these!

from left to right: A Marshmellow, Mochi, Toast, Onigiri, and a cup cake!

These were way more complicated than the bumblebee, but i was proud of how they turned out :3

Soooo then i started makeing my own little critters (Kind of)

I used the Mochi pattern from, and added lil legs to make... what ever this is! It's an octopus/Squid/Jelly fish. I call them Octosquelly fishes. They lurv eachother *3*

And then i embarked on a project i still haven't finished.  There's this amazeing show on late night cartoon network called Metalocolypse. It's about a Death Metal band. So i decided to make every member of the band a food item. I've got 4 out of 5 done, and that's only becuase i ran out of felt. All their food shapes are based off of inside jokes from the show. But i'm still proud of them any way XD

Toki Wartooth, the Toast! (I used the Toast Pattern from and added facial hair. The rest of them i made up on my own :D

Nathan Explosion, The cup of Black (totaly metal) coffee.

William Murderface, The hot dog.

And, my personal favorite (cause it was the hardest to make -_-)

Pickles the Drummer, The cinnaamon bun.

There's one more character, Skwisgaar, and he'll be a stick of butter as soon as i get my hands on some yellow felt...

Any way... yeah ^__^;; hope you enjoyed. my posts from here on will not be nearly as huge XD I'm super excited about getting to know every one here to share the plushie love :D! They're my new favorite hobby!

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